Starting in business at the young age of 20, Ken Keeton has helped more buyers and sellers meet over the years than any other agent; making him the Number 1 agent in the county on production. Ken has owned a Brokerage office since 1975.  The recent name change was made after 22 years with a franchise which they decided not to renew and go back to being an independent.   The new name, Real Estate Elite Team was formed as we already had all of the “Elite” talent in the office.  Lois Keeton, a real estate Associate Broker and past REALTOR Of The Year,  who handles all the closings so sales agents can do just that, list and sell real estate.  Craig Hilbert is an Associate Broker in the office with over 17 years of sales and marketing under his belt.  Jim Borden has been in sales and marketing for 11 years as well as being a past REALTOR Of The Year; and  joining our team is  Karlen Scheidler, who has chosen real estate at a very young age as her career.  So, you just met the Real Estate Elite Team. We are very eager to help you with all your real estate needs.  Please give us call: 517-279-8885 or go to:  or do what most do, visit us on Facebook.  Put experience on your side and enjoy the results.

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